Mum boycotts store over lager sales row involving daughter

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A Gosberton Clough mum is boycotting a supermarket after a row over buying lager while shopping with her daughter.

Julie Gooderson (43) has vowed never to shop at Morrisons, Pinchbeck, again after a checkout assistant asked her daughter Harriet (13) for identification while the pair were buying food and drink last Wednesday.

Julie said: “We went to the checkout till with our stuff, including two boxes of lager, and Harriet was putting it into some bags.

“The checkout woman had the lager in her hand and asked for identification, so I laughed because I thought she meant me.

“But she said ‘I meant your daughter’ and that it was store policy to ask for identification when someone under 18 is packing away alcohol.”

Julie complained to both the store’s customer service manager and general manager but when they backed the checkout assistant’s actions, the mum and daughter left without their shopping in protest.

“I asked them how they could look at me and think I was going to give alcohol to my daughter,” Julie said.

“They shouldn’t have been so discriminatory and I never want to go there again.”

A Morrisons’ spokesman said: “Our responsibility is to ensure that alcohol does not get into the hands of children and if we have any suspicion that this might happen, we 
are required to not sell that item.

“On this occasion, we have got it wrong but for the best of reasons as our colleague chose to err on the side of caution and we are sure many of 
your readers will understand that.”