Money Matters: Getting the right help with care homes

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If you or a loved one requires more care than can be offered in your own home, moving into a care home could provide a solution.

The decision to enter a care home should not be taken lightly and all options should be considered. It is the role of a Social Worker to help you consider those options.

Social Services will carry out a Community Care Assessment (CCA) to ascertain where the care should be provided.

There are two types of care home: one offers accommodation with support such as washing and dressing (residential care); and the other offers accommodation and nursing care in additional to the residential care services (nursing care).

If your total assessable assets are in excess of £23,250 then you will be classed as a ‘self-funder’ and will be responsible for paying for your own care, unless you are assessed to qualify for NHS Continuing Care funding where the NHS pay for all of your care.

Whilst a ‘self-funder’ is not responsible for arranging their own care, the practical reality is that a self-funder is unlikely to have the support of a Social Worker to assist in locating an appropriate care home, and ensuring that all appropriate benefits are received.

If you feel you require more help than that being offered by Social Services, an Independent Social Worker could offer you invaluable support.

At Bingham-Woods, we can put you in contact with an Independent Social Worker on request.