Mistakes made; let’s now quickly unite

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IT is with some trepidation that I find myself putting pen to paper with regard to the Red Lion Quarter. As a newly-elected district councillor it would be sensible to maintain a low profile. Unfortunately, this is not my style!

I have joined the council just in time to be in line for the backlash over the silly mistakes of late. That’s fine by me as it means I can learn by them and hopefully restrict the same happening in the future.

As for the Red Lion Quarter, one can only say that the council was totally naive to believe they could enter such an enterprise with limited business acumen, poor guidance and to a degree a lack of funds.

In hindsight, we all muttered that it would be a white elephant but did nothing, so by what right can we now complain?

However, all that aside, now is the time to unite and provide the district with something really worthwhile which we can all be proud of.

Whereas I do respect the local traders for feeling bitter over the money it is costing for the bail out, it should be remembered a fair amount of this is to pay the local traders who are already out of pocket over the venture.

Before the local traders jump down my throat, I will remind them that I also have traded in Spalding for many years and by virtue of the type of business have probably suffered debt losses more than most with no form of recompense.

Let us not lose sight that we now own a £6million building which cost us a mere £200,000 and we have the purpose built premises for our students within the Boston College.

To the local business people, I urge you to be constructive by using the collective wealth of knowledge you possess in guiding the council towards putting the show back on the road.

This time it is not ‘Your country needs you’ but more ‘South Holland needs you.


St John’s ward, Spalding