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Janette and Robert Olive of Truly Scrumptious Catering Company, Crowland.
Janette and Robert Olive of Truly Scrumptious Catering Company, Crowland.
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A Crowland couple aim to make their presence felt at community events by satisfying appetites with their mobile catering business.

Robert and Janette Olive of Albion Street could become an unmistakable sight at carnivals, village fetes and farm open days through their Truly Scrumptious Catering Company and tempting menu of falafel burgers and American spicy chickpea recipe for vegetarians.

The couple have been running the business for about two years from a converted ambulance which they take to events such as the Deepings Raft Race and Spalding Pumpkin Parade.

Robert said: “Originally, Truly Scrumptious was a tea room in Holbeach which my daughter and son-in-law started up.

“Myself and my wife used to help out there after I had to give up my work as a builder on health grounds.

“I enjoyed working with food so I started up a barbecue business and Truly Scrumptious has gone on from there.”

Robert and Janette have adopted a motto of Source Local, Cook Local, Eat Local with their business by using beef, sausages and pork from farms in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.

“We’re quite flexible in what we do and we get our business by doing local events, being seen by local people and using local products as much as we can,” Janette said.

“Everything has to be local and we’ve found that if we do things this way, people are much more interested in our food and where it comes from.

“We have a good relationship with the farms that supply us, we go to them to see how the food is made and it gives them a better idea of where we’re coming from.”

Like other independent businesses in Crowland, Holbeach, Long Sutton and Spalding being supported by the Guardian’s Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local campaign, Truly Scrumptious largely relies on the personal recommendations of satisfied customers for its business.

Robert said: “We went to a dog show near Boston and a lady who tried our food said it was the best Aberdeen Angus beef she’d ever eaten and that Truly Scrumptious was a fitting name for our business.”