Housebuilder puts damage right

Exposed: one of the gable ends which had bricks ripped away.
Exposed: one of the gable ends which had bricks ripped away.
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SAFETY reassurances have been given to homeowners in Pinchbeck after they were advised to evacuate during strong winds.

Brickwork from the gable end of two homes in Viscount Close came crashing to the ground during “freak” gusts on Wednesday night.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue advised residents they may wish to leave because of safety concerns, but Bourne-based housebuilder Larkfleet Homes has since had the homes checked and said everything is as it should be.

Operations director Paul Adams said an independent structural engineer was called in from Nottingham on Thursday to check the damage.

He said: “He has confirmed to us that he saw no defect whatsoever. He did explain that he feels it was a freak wind.

“It was one of those things that because of the way the house is positioned, the wind comes over the corner and, it’s a bit like the effect of wind on an aeroplane, it pulls rather than pushes. It has pulled the brickwork away.”

Mr Adams said he is now waiting for the formal written report from the engineer.

He added: “We have offered to put the brickwork back up. We do not have to but would like to as a gesture of goodwill.”