‘Groundbreaking’ development for town centre

Holland Market/Swan Street/bus station, Spalding'Scene setters
Holland Market/Swan Street/bus station, Spalding'Scene setters
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Holland Market and Winfrey Avenue are at the heart of plans for an exciting and unique redevelopment of Spalding town centre.

Although the scheme is still a work in progress, developers have revealed they have big plans for the area, which could see new shops, a better bus station and more jobs.

The revelation follows months of rumours about the site on the edge of Spalding town centre.

Holland Market manager Michael Moran, who looks after the British investments of retail specialists Corbo, said: “What we are trying to do here would be groundbreaking.

“Having a new development coming out of the ground in the current economic climate would make Spalding unique in the country

“It would create a huge number of new jobs and help the economic vitality of the town.”

But Mr Moran said there is a lot of footwork to do before details are thrashed out and he is taking part in “meaningful dialogue” with South Holland District Council to take plans forward.

But Mr Moran did say the development was likely to go ahead “sooner rather than later”, adding that details would be likely to start to come out within the next six to eight weeks, with public feedback sought on some elements of the development.

At the heart of the plans is a desire to provide more cohesion between the town centre and Holland Market, which includes the existing bus station as well as Sainsbury’s, Wilkinson, Halfords, Poundstretcher, Argos and Brantano, and the area currently occupied by Marks and Spencer, Carphone Warehouse, B&Q and Allied Carpets.

The redevelopment could also include the Sir Halley Stewart Field, home to Spalding United Football Club, which, although it denied any move, has bought a 20-acre site near the junction where the A16 meets the new Spalding to Crowland road.

Mr Moran said: “At the moment Holland Market does not connect well with the town centre and the quality of the environment is not what we would like it to be in terms of its appearance.

“Also, access to the bus station isn’t what it might be and for certain sections of the community that is a key issue, so we want to make significant progress to improve it.”

Mark Stanton, head of economic development at South Holland District Council, said: “It’s essential if this does go forward that it is about complementing what is already on offer in Spalding and not competing with it.”

And Steve Udberg, head of asset management, said: “It’s very much about using South Holland’s assets to support regeneration within the town centre and it’s an exciting opportunity to work in conjunction with Corbo to identify the best things for the town centre.

“In working together we can really work on a larger area and a more joined up, coherent plan which will link with the town centre in a far stronger way.”