Grab this chance to slash your gas and electric bills

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ONLY sheer weight of numbers will win the day if South Holland residents are to be in with a chance of slashing around ten per cent off their gas and electricity bills.

That works out to about £100 a year for most people. It is cash that could stay in your pocket for you to save or spend as you please.

So far around 300 people have signed a district council register for a ‘fairer domestic fuel tariff’.

But thousands must provisionally back the plan if the energy companies are to sit up and take notice and come up with real cash-saving deals.

Registering an interest is free and there is no commitment for anyone to switch at this stage.

We are making it easy for you to register today by printing a form on this page – just fill it in and bring it or post it to our offices in The Crescent, Spalding.

But the clock is ticking as council leader Gary Porter needs an army of thousands behind him as he holds crunch talks to hammer out a ‘fairer fuel’ deal with British Gas at the end of this month.

He said: “If I was British Gas and a few hundred people in South Holland were moaning about their bills, I wouldn’t be bothered – but if 15,000 people had signed up I would be considerably worried.

“There is no angle in it from the council’s point of view. This is genuinely us trying to do what we are supposed to do – make people’s lives better and not harder.

“The energy companies have the power to supply fuel but we must show them that people power demands lower bills.”

Energy companies currently make about £125 profit for every single home they supply in South Holland and that adds up to a massive £4.8million that we could spend here to boost our local economy or add to our savings.

As well as talking to British Gas, Coun Porter aims to speak to some of the smaller energy suppliers – dubbed “the little six” – but again they will only be interested if they are almost certain to land thousands of new customers in one fell swoop.

l You can register an interest by filling in the form on this page, by contacting your ward councillor or by visiting the council offices in Priory Road, Spalding.

You can also register online at by clicking on the news story ‘Fairer Fuel for All’.

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