DEEPING ST NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL: Fears that homes plan is ‘a step too far’

STEP TOO FAR?: Land off Littleworth Drove and Campains Lane, Deeping St Nicholas, where plans to build 110 homes in the shadow of St Nicholas Parish Church have been questioned by parish councillors. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG160517-122TW.

Plans to build 110 new homes in Deeping St Nicholas have been branded as “a step too far” at a meeting on Monday.

Parish councillors voted narrowly, by four to three, not to oppose a planning by application by W. D. Branton Farmers and The Honorable RFJ Carrington to build on 15 acres of land off Littleworth Drove and Campains Lane.

Imagine 110 houses, with two cars per household, that’s 220 more vehicle movements that would simply come through The Avenue and into Campains Lane

Coun Paul Barnett, Deeping St Nicholas Parish Council

The plans were revealed by our sister newspaper, the Lincolnshire Free Press, two weeks ago in which the developers confirmed their wish to include a children’s play area as part of the scheme.

But Coun Paul Barnett, who lives near the proposed site, said: “This would be outside the current (South East Lincolnshire) development plan and the future one, if approved.

“The applicants have also made it quite plain that some of the traffic would actually go through The Avenue, off Campains Lane, which has no footpath, is single-lane, broken up and completely unsuitable.

“Imagine 110 houses, with two cars per household, that’s 220 more vehicle movements that would simply come through The Avenue and into Campains Lane.

“This is going to create major, major problems and I just think it’s a step too far.”

Councillors also stated concerns about “joining up” the proposed estate with existing ones in The Avenue and Elizabeth Crescent.

Parish council chairman Coun William Rodwell said: “The developers are offering to give the village its own playing field, with equipment, at the back of some bungalows so that it’s more in Deeping St Nicholas and away from the railway line.

“I think we ought to say that we want the old bus shelter (in Campains Lane) taken away and to try and get a new one in the plan, bringing in a bit of pavement to go down Campains Lane where the old one is.

“The district council may decide that the 110 homes are part of its housing supply, but the joining up of the estates is totally wrong and there’s no advantage in going down that road.”

A statement from the applicants said: “The majority of the land is farmed by the applicants and conflict between private and agricultural vehicles has always been a significant problem.

“The current mix of residential, agricultural and commercial traffic is unsustainable and becomes increasingly dangerous at the level crossing (on Littleworth Drove).

“Discussions have taken place with Lincolnshire County Council highways department who have suggested that direct access off Littleworth Drove would be more acceptable, thus reducing current traffic and avoiding further traffic congestion on Campains Lane.

“This application should be considered as a “windfall” site capable of being developed without impact on the character of the surrounding area.”

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