Customer’s anger over year-long repair wait

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A Gosberton Bank man has spoken of his frustration after waiting more than a year for his kitchen floor covering to be repaired.

Richard John spent about £800 on vinyl covering fitted in October 2011 by Allied Carpets in Spalding which started to come apart just two weeks later.

Attempts to repair the covering have failed and Mr John is uncertain whether anything will be done to resolve the issue as Allied Carpets is now in administration.

He said: “In October 2011, I had my kitchen refurbished and a very expensive piece of lino was put down by fitters from Allied Carpets.

“I then went on holiday and when we came back, the lino was coming apart.

“Various people came out to see it and in November 2011, the lino was repaired by fitters.

“But the repair only lasted a few weeks and the situation was made worse because we could see a bulge underneath the lino.”

Mr John was told by Allied Carpets that no more repairs were possible because of administration and he claimed that his insurance comapny was unable to pay out any compensation to him.

He said: “Allied Carpets seem to have avoided its responsiblity and I’d like the administrators to consider making some gesture of goodwill.”

A spokeswoman for Duff and Phelps, administrators for Allied Carpets, said: “We can’t comment on individual claims but each case is investigated thoroughly and if Mr John has filled out a claim form correctly, we will look into it in due time.”