Councillor branded “a rogue” over OAP couple’s faulty windows

Rodney Grocock.
Rodney Grocock.
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An elderly couple has labelled a councillor a “rogue” after he refused to carry out repairs on their recently-fitted double glazing.

The couple, who do not wish to be named, had windows and doors fitted at their Cowbit home by district councillor Rodney Grocock’s Vantage Businesses Ltd.

The work came with a ten-year guarantee, but when they recently noticed loose brickwork under one of the windows, they contacted Mr Grocock only to be told he would not carry out repairs as the business had ceased trading in December.

The retired couple, who claim their concerns about Mr Grocock first arose when he messed them about over the original fitting last May, said: “We have principles and if we had the strength, we’d go round and tell him what we thought of him.

“We think he is a rogue and we don’t want anyone else getting caught out by him.”

Mr Grocock is also under fire from Wellingborough-based Glazerite Windows. Managing director John Hewitt claims Mr Grocock owes more than £17,000.

He alleges that Mr Grocock entered into a contract with Glazerite in 2008 as Vantage Windows and Conservatories and that it was a sole trader business, meaning Mr Grocock would be personally responsible for the debt.

Mr Grocock denies the claim, saying Vantage Windows and Conservatories, which he did operate as sole trader, ceased more than ten years ago, and although he did not spend the £300- £400 on new stationery to reflect the change, the contract with Glazerite was with the newer limited company Vantage Businesses.

He said: “I feel sorry for the couple but I told them I don’t own a company any more and I understand that Glazerite are hurt because it’s owed money, but that’s business.”

Mr Grococksaid that Vantage Businesses Ltd was wound up after suffering poor trading figures in 2012.

He says he is now a self-employed salesman for another window company, Vantage UK, which is not yet listed with Companies House.