Council leader’s opinion of Sustainable Spalding rises

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THE man behind plans to regenerate Spalding held positive talks with South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter last week and the two vowed to work together for the good of the town.

Richard Garvie has sparked controversy with Sustainable Spalding – his vision for a regeneration company that he feels could breathe new life into the town.

On Tuesday he met with Coun Porter, who has previously challenged him to prove he can back up his bold vision and the pair both said the discussion was positive.

Coun Porter has requested a hard copy of the full results of a survey Mr Garvie conducted in the town – in which he asked people where, if at all, they would like to see a new supermarket.

Mr Garvie says only 17 of 3,300 people asked do not want any development in the town and promised to provide the information to the leader.

Coun Porter said: “My opinion of him is higher after the meeting than it was before the meeting.

“The ball’s in his court now to come up with the information.

“He was consistent with his answers so I was pleased with that. I have dealt with some complete nut cases in my time but he does seem to be keen and interested in what he is doing – he doesn’t appear to be malevolent.”

Mr Garvie believes there is a way to fund a cinema in the town centre with cash from a supermarket developer, and explained to Coun Porter that this will not take away from planning money that would come to the council as part of any future application.

He will provide the full survey details in the next few weeks.

Mr Garvie said: “I have got no problem with providing the hard copy that they can keep and use for any other purposes.

“It was generally positive. A lot of the miscommunication stems from the fact we haven’t spoken before.

“The important thing I learnt from Coun Porter was that they are pro development and they do want the town to be viable.”