Computer shop issues PC scam warning

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THE owner of a Pinchbeck computer shop has warned Free Press readers of a telephone scam.

The caller claims to be from Microsoft Security and tells you that you have critical errors on your computer, which is about to crash.

They will guide you into your computer’s error log where you will see lots of error warnings, quite normal for all computers.

The caller proceeds to tell you that their Microsoft engineer can fix all the errors for you. Your call is then transferred to an ‘engineer’ who will ask you to download a small programme and asks you to pay between £80 and £150.

Once your payment has been processed, the engineer then controls your computer and clears the error log.

Steve Timewell, of Lincolnshire Computers in Fennell Road, said: “When they call you, tell them the police have lent you some recording equipment and you are recording this call, in order for them to investigate.

“The caller will then either immediately hang up or will explain that they cannot proceed due to a technical error.”