Call for action to cut jobless queue

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THE local branch of the Federation of Small Businesses is calling on the Government to take action to stem the rise in unemployment.

Latest figures show an increase in UK unemployment levels to 2.64 million in the three months to October

The Wash branch of the FSB says it is a further sad reflection of the need to keep the deficit under control.

There were a further 67,000 job losses in the public sector during this period, whilst the private sector was only able to generate 5,000 new jobs.

However, the rate of claims for Jobseekers Allowance during the period only rose by 3,000, far less than the 15,000 figure expected by many economists. Youth unemployment rose to 1,027 million, the highest since records began in 1992.

Kevin Mothers, chairman of The Wash branch, said: “The story around unemployment figures has been the same month in, month out. And this month is no different with female and youth unemployment, plus people claiming Jobseekers Allowance, rising yet again.”

“The Government needs to take action to stem this trend once and for all.”

“Aspiring to create 100,000 female owned businesses, and providing mentoring will help incentivise those budding female entrepreneurs set up in business.”

“Bringing forward the youth contract, and ensuring young people can use these opportunities from day one of signing on for Jobseekers Allowance, will ensure that young people are getting the skills they need early on and not losing out at the very beginning of their career.”

“Also, allowing people to take part in Work Trials from day one of signing on will help create 46,000 new jobs.”

“Unemployment is at a 17 year high and has been rising for too long now. It is time the Government put in practical steps to prevent this from happening yet again.”