Booze ban for Sutton Bridge?

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A BAN on drinking alcohol on Sutton Bridge’s streets is being considered by councillors as one way of tackling anti-social drinkers in the village.

A working party has been set up to address the issue by Sutton Bridge Parish Council after concerns were raised by a number of residents.

At a parish council meeting on Tuesday, councillors were asked to consider a list of suggested places where drinking alcohol could be prohibited and, if necessary, come up with additional suggestions.

Coun Chris Brewis said: “It would be a lot more simple if it was a blanket ban for everyone.

“It must be better to have a blanket ban within the 30mph limit except within the curtilage (area) of licensed premises.”

Councillors voted in favour of passing the suggestion forward to the working party for further consideration.

Coun Vicky Hills, who could not attend the parish meeting, is among the councillors looking at the issue.

She said: “We set up a working party because we have a terrible problem in Sutton Bridge, like a number of other areas, with alcohol and people consuming alcohol.

“We are just exploring ideas that we may or may not implement.”

Sutton Bridge is not the first place in South Holland to consider measures which can prevent people drinking on the streets.

A Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) was put in place in Spalding town centre in December 2009 to combat loutish drinking.

The DPPO gives police officers and PCSOs the power to confiscate alcohol if the drinker is judged to be behaving or about to behave anti-socially.

Those who fail to comply could be handed a fixed penalty notice or be arrested.