£350,000 funding bid for Sutton Bridge projects

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COUNCILLORS in Sutton Bridge are hoping to earmark £350,000 for new projects in the village.

Sutton Bridge Parish Council is hoping to request the cash from South Holland District Council, which holds Section 106 funds for the district.

Sutton Bridge Parish Council is hoping to secure £200,000 to develop a multi-use sports facility, £100,000 to extend the graveyard and a further £50,000 to contribute to other projects at its discretion.

The 106 fund includes cash from developers, which has been put forward as compensation to local communities.

Speaking at Tuesday’s parish council meeting, Coun Chris Brewis said he wanted to “short circuit bureaucracy” and arrange a special meeting to discuss the issues with Coun Howard Johnson, the district’s portfolio holder for the fund.

“If he can not come to the next parish meeting, we are another month down the line,” he said.

“It’s a big enough issue and we are under time pressure.”

A detailed proposal for the multi-use sports facility is yet to be drawn up, however, parish chairman Coun Chris Brandon-King said councillors were “cautiously optimistic” about the graveyard extension.

He said the authority had approached the Environment Agency about using land near to Arnie Broughton Walk.

Coun Brandon-King said: “The next stage is to have trial pits following the guidelines set down by the Environment Agency.

“Before that we need to meet with Scott’s Miracle-Gro to see if they would be prepared to sell the land.”

Coun Brandon-King said the £100,000 would help pay for the land and improvements to Arnie Broughton Walk.

He said the Parochial Church Council and the Rev Judith Dunkling had agreed to administer burials at the new site.

“This should remove any fears of the graveyard being closed. Although it’s not adjacent, it should resolve a lot of the problems from the three previously suggested sites.

“It would seem a suitable alternative which will cause the least amount of aggravation,” he added.

Councillors are now going to contact Coun Johnson to discuss their needs.