Bus stops on request in Sutton St James

Sutton St James is now connected to Spalding and Wisbech by Stagecoach buses.
Sutton St James is now connected to Spalding and Wisbech by Stagecoach buses.
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Residents can hop aboard Stagecoach buses in Sutton St James simply by putting their hands up to signal to the driver to stop.

The village was celebrating in June after getting its first bus service in nearly 30 years and now the parish council is keen to put the word out that drivers will stop anywhere along the route to pick up or drop off passengers.

Coun Chris Griggs said: “Basically, the way it works is if you want the bus, put your hand up.”

He said drivers will also drop off passengers at any spot where they want to get off.

• Cash prizes are on offer for the village’s first ever Christmas lights competition and any resident wanting to take part should email clerksuttonstjames@gmail.com

Some £150 has been donated to be split between those judged to have decorated the outside of their homes in the best way.

• Councillors backed a planning application for a new house and the change of use of land for storage to allow Shift and Lift, in Broadgate, to expand, but their support was conditional as they agreed the house built on the site should be “tied to the business.”

• Residents wanting speedy action on potholes being fixed are advised to take a picture, preferably with a measuring stick in the hole.

Council chairman Bill Harrison says the county council are far more swift if they have a picture uploaded to their website, www.lincolnshire.gov.uk

• The parish council has been invited to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.

The council was already seeking quotes for a new 6m high flagpole and, if it’s installed in time, may use that with an appropriate flag.

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