BUS SHELTER: Make your views known on bus shelter

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Re: Your article in relation to the bus shelter in Fleet Hargate.

Mr Stinders, the developer of the properties mentioned, had, out of courtesy, contacted Fleet Parish Council in regard to his intention to remove the bus shelter attached to his properties.

Since then there has been much correspondence between members of the council in attempting to understand the situation and find a solution. This issue has come at what some may describe as an unfortunate time being just before the Parish, District and Parliamentary elections.

We have therefore both asked that the bus shelter situation be placed on the agenda for the next meeting of the parish council at 7.10 pm on May 18 at the community centre in Fleet Hargate.

The clerk has also provided councillors with a copy of minutes dated February 23, 1953 that detail the site (Fleet Jail) originally belonged to the church authorities who then sold the site ‘in-total’ and that the deeds show the bus shelter was included in the sale.

Mr Stinders therefore legally owns this site with no legal covenant or other charge held over it in relation to the bus shelter that we are aware of. The council, in agreement with Mrs Fleurette Stinders, has maintained the bus shelter in the intervening years.

In recent times, due to misuse and fouling of the facility (including human excrement) the bus shelter has rarely been used despite it being open and available.

Your readers should note that a similar situation occurred with the brick built bus shelter that was located near to the Holbeach House development on Fleet Road. This shelter had become a ‘hang-out’ for one or two small groups who abused the facility.

The generosity of residents who took it upon themselves to clean up after these groups was sorely tested and stretched to breaking point. Consequently the council voted to have the facility removed, it was not replaced and a new parish notice board now stands on the site.

Mrs Woolard is a serving councillor on Fleet Parish Council and will have received all correspondence on this matter as and when it became available.

It should also be pointed out that there are many other bus stops in Fleet Hargate and the surrounding area that do not have a shelter attached to them.

Indeed, the ‘sister’ stop on the opposite side of the road does not have a shelter yet this does not seem to have been an issue to residents as it has never been raised at any parish council meeting as far as we are aware. What are we to do this these? We therefore urge all residents of the ward who have an issue with this bus shelter to make their concerns known to Fleet Parish Council prior to its next meeting so that proper discussion can take place on this matter.