Bus changes anger parents

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PARENTS have been left fuming by changes to the school bus service in Moulton Seas End following safety fears.

Since a parish councillor raised concerns that buses stopping outside the village pub were putting children’s safety at risk, parents claim coach company bosses have ordered drivers not to stop and wait for pupils.

Instead they have been told to stop, pick up children as quickly as possible and move on.

But the decision has angered mums and dads who say there have been no safety concerns, while the changes are causing difficulties.

Dawn Adams, of Seas End Road, has two children who use the school bus to John Harrox Primary School in Moulton. She said: “It seems like the world has gone mad. There have never been any problems with safety but this councillor has decided it’s dangerous and asked highways to come and assess the situation and they have decided it’s a risk.

“Now the bus drivers for the primary school bus and the secondary school bus have been told they can’t both stop in the village at the same time, so they are coming in, picking up the children who are there and then going again.

“It means we have to be there at the exact time the bus turns up or we could miss it. There have already been a few near-misses. The only other option is to be there ten minutes early and stand around in the rain.”

But the parish and district councillor who raised concerns said his only comment was that the secondary school bus was stopping in a dangerous place.

Coun Andrew Woolf said: “If these changes have been made it is nothing to do with the concerns I raised. I was only worried about where the secondary school bus was stopping because cars were having to pull out to get round it without being able to see what was coming.

“I shall visit Mrs Adams and try to get to the bottom of it.”