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Algarkirk's Jerry Green Dog Rescue is hoping to find Buddy his first real home

Buddy came into the south Lincolnshire centre as a retired Racing Greyhound and has sadly never had the opportunity to live life in a home environment, having spent all of his time in racing kennels.

Because of Buddy’s past, he is looking for a quiet home where he can adjust to his new future of evenings on the sofa and enjoyable walks in the countryside.

It can take time to gain Buddy’s trust but once you have it you will have a loveable bond that will last a lifetime!

Buddy the Greyhound has never had a proper home (26732970)
Buddy the Greyhound has never had a proper home (26732970)

Buddy has been waiting so patiently to find his new forever home, all he needs is your paitence and love!

If you could offer Buddy the home he so despately deserves please contact the South Lincolnshire centre on 01205 260546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Why not teach your dog a new trick this year?

Buddy the Greyhound has never had a proper home (26732889)
Buddy the Greyhound has never had a proper home (26732889)

Did you know that at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, we have our very own Enterprise Trainer, Nicki George?

Nicki has more than 20 years’ experience working as a Kennel Club approved dog trainer and only trains using positive reinforcement methods to ensure you build the strongest relationship between you and your dog.

Nicki provides 1-2-1 training, agility classes and various other group sessions, covering many areas from walking on a loose lead, separation anxiety, instant recall or can simply build a partnership between you and your dog.

Nikki George is our new trainer at Jerry Green. (9340732)
Nikki George is our new trainer at Jerry Green. (9340732)


For further information, including class availability and pricing please contact Nicki directly via email on nicki.george@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Usinga marker in training

When training your dog, it’s important to remember that any behaviour a dog finds rewarding is something they are like to repeat in the future. We can help our dogs to make good choices by making behaviours, we like and want them to repeat, rewarding. The reward we give our dog must be something they really enjoy, so that they are likely to want to get it again – food and toys are most commonly used but it really can be anything your dog likes.

A marker is a signal that tells your dog “yes, you got it right”. Imagine it as taking a snapshot of the correct behaviour at the exact moment in time it is happening. This signal means to your dog that “I am going to give you a reward now for that behaviour you just did”. There are lots of things that you can use as a marker, but most people choose a verbal one like “yes” or “good” as they are easy and effective to use.

To start you will need to build an association between your marker, e.g. “yes” and something nice. You can do this really simply by saying the word “yes” and feeding your dog a treat they love- simply repeat, repeat, repeat!

Once your dog looks at you when you say your marker- you know they know what it means and are predicting a treat; you now can start to use it in your training. Ask your dog for a cue they know e.g. “sit”, say your marker, and then feed them a treat. Practise this with behaviours your dog know at first and then you can start using it when teaching new behaviours

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