Bring a little bit of magic to the table

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This fairy garden is a lovely little project to do with the children on a weekend. You will need a foil baking tray or similar container, wet oasis, garden foliage and small novelty items which you can buy or make.

Firstly, gather a selection of dainty bits of evergreen foliage from the garden.

Place pieces of wet oasis into the bottom of a foil baking tray to just cover the bottom, the oasis needn’t be very deep.

We had a little wooden fairy door, which you can buy in craft shops to paint yourself or you could easily cut one from stiff cardboard.

We positioned the door first, then filled the rest of the tray with the small pieces of foliage, moss, etc. to look like a garden, we fashioned a twig into a ‘tree’ .

You can add pebbles, shells, fir cones, acorns, whatever you can find.

Add your finishing touches, or even a little bit of Christmas! Don’t forget to add some magic fairy dust to complete the project. Have fun!