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South Holland and The Deepings Conservatives and Brexit Party unite

The man who hoped to be standing for the Brexit Party in South Holland has thrown his support behind Conservative Sir John Hayes in the election.

David Dickason has pulled out of the election contest on Monday following a decision by party leader Nigel Farage not to field candidates in the 317 seats won by the Tories in 2017.

Speaking after a meeting with Sir John on Tuesday, Mr Dickason said: "I am pleased to be able to give John my full support and would encourage democrats and Leavers across the constituency to vote for him on December 12.

John Hayes and David Dickason(21534805)
John Hayes and David Dickason(21534805)


"We in the Leave movement have a common objective and that is delivering the Brexit that the British people voted for in 2016 - the largest democratic exercise in our history.The instructions from the British people were clear, we must leave the EU and Take Back Control of our laws, borders and economy.

"We must now work together in the national interest to deliver Brexit. The alternative is nothing short of hideous – a Corbyn Labour Government, propped up in a coalition with the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats, where we will be faced with the prospect of not one, but two rigged referendums and with it many more years of rancour and division.

“I say a second rigged referendum because everyone when they go out and vote on December 12 needs to be aware that the Labour Party is committed to giving all EU and foreign nationals living in the UK the vote, not just in a second referendum, but all future elections and plebiscites.

“At this election the Labour Party will be breaking a raft of their 2017 Manifesto promises on respecting the referendum result and ending free movement of people. Their U-turn on immigration is breath taking and an insult to everyone who Voted Leave in 2016. Labour’s policy of allowing unlimited EU and international immigration to the UK is completely irresponsible, and to add insult to injury Corbyn has also promised that they will be able to access benefits, NHS treatment and housing from day one.

“Needless to say, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are not listening to the British people who sent him and all politicians a clear message that mass uncontrolled immigration must come to an end. I can only begin to imagine the horrors that this will inflict on our frontline public services, housing, wage growth, and social cohesion.

“There is a clear choice at this election – a vote for a Brexit or Conservative Party Candidate that will deliver Brexit, and the largest increase in NHS spending and infrastructure spending in British history, or a Corbyn, SNP, Lib Dem stitch up that will wreck Brexit, wreck our economy and rig future elections through foreign voters so that we are stuck with a Marxist Corbyn regime in perpetuity. Now let’s get Brexit done and unleash the full potential and ingenuity of the British people.”

During the meeting Sir John promised to: vote against any extension beyond January 31 deadline; vote against any extension of the proposed transition period beyond theDecember 31, 2020, end date; vote against any efforts to lock the UK into a customs union.

He also agreed to campaign and vote for a Canada style free trade deal.

Sir John said: "The Brexit Party are right to recognise that splitting the leave vote risks a hung Parliament, which would mean more dither and delay. We cannot allow the arrival of a Corbyn, ‘remain alliance’ government through the back door.

"The positions of all the main parties are now clear. The Lib Dems, Labour and Greens openly refuse to implement the result of the referendum – the biggest political mandate in British history. Only the Conservative Party are united behind a leader determined to deliver Brexit, no ifs, no buts.

"I am delighted that Mr Dickason has recognised that as a lifelong Brexiteer, getting Brexit over the line is my number one priority and has agreed to support my campaign to ensure I am successful in this endeavour. "

Other candidates who have been announced to stand in the election so far are: Martin Blake (Green), Davina Kirby (Lib Dem) and Mark Popple (Labour).

A definitive list of candidates is due after nominations have closed tomorrow (Thursday).

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