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My frustrations over hare coursing

Last time I was here I wrote about Brexit - again! It would seem that we’re on course to leave at the end of October with very probably no deal. This would be messy, but UK farming is resilient and we will have to learn to adapt to the new regime.

Aside from politics, harvest is in ‘clearing up’ mode for many local farmers, the harvest is in, fields have been baled in most cases and have been cleared. So it has come as a most unwelcome reminder to find our ‘Friends in the North’ paying us repeated visits. If you think I refer to a fictional screenplay I would also wish it so, but it is real and it is happening all over south Lincolnshire now.

I refer to hare coursers and purveyors of rural crime who now see our lovely cleared fields as an opportunity to come and terrorise our indigenous hare population as well as ‘casing the joint’ to see what other items of machinery they can relieve us of.Lincolnshire Police have just relaunched Operation Galileo, their rural crime initiative, and they have chosen to do this in north Lincolnshire!

Chris Carter (16005210)
Chris Carter (16005210)

Recently in our area of south Lincolnshire we have seen numerous hare coursing vehicles in and around country lanes.

We ourselves found a burned out vehicle lodged between two dykes one morning last week, resulting in us having to clear said vehicle since the Police couldn’t help us. We continue to give the Police as much intelligence as we can but it is incredibly frustrating when it is clear they don’t follow this up despite their continued assurances of support.

By Chris Carter

The launch of Operation Galileo (16005742)
The launch of Operation Galileo (16005742)


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