boy ‘told off’ for attack on bus inspector

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A SPALDING student who attacked a bus inspector suffering from leukaemia was given an “official” police telling off, despite calls for him to be prosecuted.

Bosses at Norfolk Green bus company were outraged when 67-year-old Edward Cabot was punched in the face outside Sir John Gleed School Boys’ Campus and are now considering prosecuting the boy themselves.

This follows an anonymous letter to the school and the Lincolnshire Free Press from a parent wanting to know the outcome and accusing the youth responsible of being “a mindless bully and thug”.

Spokesman for Norfolk Green Richard Pengelly said Mr Cabot was knocked to the floor and his glasses smashed during the incident, and he had to have hospital treatment for a cut above his eye.

Mr Pengelly said: “This was an unprovoked attack. The lad had been swearing and using threatening behaviour. The inspector turned when a teacher tried to intervene and was punched in the face.

“The youth has now been banned from our buses – he is not welcome on any Norfolk Green service.

“I’m disgusted that he won’t be prosecuted. I feel completely let down by the police. We are seriously considering a private prosecution.

“If our staff even shout at a youth they are investigated – and rightly so – but when one of our staff is attacked like this nothing happens. It’s totally wrong.”

Mr Pengelly said 99 per cent of students from the school who use the bus service are well-behaved. He said: “We have no complaint against the other students and the way the school dealt with the incident. The school nurse treated the inspector’s eye before he went to hospital and the students have been very supportive, sending him cards and presents.”

Mr Cabot, who has worked for Norfolk Green for about four years, is now back at work. He still has a black eye from the incident and is having chemotherapy for his cancer.

Headteacher at the Gleed school Janet Daniels said: “We fully support whatever action the bus company wishes to take. Incidents such as this are not something we take lightly and we will take appropriate action.

“The other students had to wait a long time for the police to come and waited very patiently – and that is our typical student.”

A police spokesman confirmed the youth was arrested, given an official reprimand for common assault and released.

She said: “This outcome is an example as to how juveniles of previous good character are dealt with by the criminal justice system and could be the first step on the way to him being prosecuted should this type of offending behaviour continue in the future.”