Boy racers cheating the speed cameras on A16

Thirty drivers are caught speeding on the A16 each week. SG18017-202TW
Thirty drivers are caught speeding on the A16 each week. SG18017-202TW
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Boy racers in souped-up cars have been avoiding detection from average speed cameras on a dangerous stretch of road by stopping in lay-bys.

Other motorists have raised the alarm about the youths travelling at around 90mph along a deadly stretch of the A16 through Crowland.

Two motorists saw culprits evade detection by average speed cameras – simply by slipping into a lay-by, stopping and heading back the opposite way, towards Peterborough.

The news comes as Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) revealed that 30 drivers a week are being caught speeding through the camera system.

Cameras were seen as a first step towards slowing traffic on a road where eight people have been killed since it opened in 2010.

Civic leaders in Crowland want junctions replaced by roundabouts, particularly the A16/B1166 junction and want to know why nothing has happened since a key site meeting in May last year.

Parish council chairman Coun David Ringham says the junctions are being made more dangerous by irresponsible drivers deliberately pulling doughnuts – circling to make tyres screech and leaving rubber on the road.

We were contacted by two drivers who were heading home to Spalding at about 6.30pm on Sunday.

One said: “There were two cars, souped-up boy racers’ cars – they overtook me really fast, probably doing 90mph.

“They overtook a lot of cars and then pulled over in a lay-by. Basically they just stopped to slow themselves down and then turned round to go back (towards Peterborough) again.”

The driver who spoke to us was within the 60mph limit and says the boy racers were going so fast that they quickly disappeared from view.

She said the cameras have slowed the vast majority of traffic and the road is safer than it was before they were put up.

“I do feel safer, but not 100 per cent safe,” she said. “There are still people going far too fast and you have always got people overtaking multiple vehicles.”

Another driver told us: “I was travelling home on the A16 on Sunday when two drivers raced past me. They were obviously going way over the speed limit and skimmed past our car and a lorry travelling in front of us.

“A few moments later I saw one of them sitting in the lay-by. He hadn’t got any further by speeding and I can only assume the driver had pulled over so he didn’t get caught by the average speed cameras.

“They were treating the road like a race track and it was terrifying to see the speed they were going at.”

In January, LRSP spokesman John Siddle revealed the Crowland cameras were catching 30-40 speeding drivers each week and two were caught travelling at 100-plus in the 60 limit.

Now he says the system is catching 30 drivers each week, some of whom risk losing their licence because they have been caught more than once.

Mr Siddle said: “We are comfortable most drivers, once caught exceeding the speed limit, do alter their behaviour. However, we have a number of drivers that have been caught more than once and, if they do not moderate their speed, risk losing their licence.

“The most determined drivers are not slowed by speed cameras, nor police officers in pursuit, and we have had some displaying speeds far higher than the limit for that road. These drivers are not offered an educational course (Speed Awareness Course) but are dealt with in court and, under the new sentencing rules that came into effect on Monday, mean that a driver can be banned or fined 50 per cent, 100 per cent or 150 per cent of their weekly income dependent of the margin they exceed the speed limit by.”

In May 2016, the Crowland Parish Council chairman met MP John Hayes and county councillors on the A16 to talk about roundabouts replacing junctions.

Now, almost a year on, Coun Ringham is wondering what happened to the feasibility study for improving the junctions.

The B1166 is considered the more urgent and Coun Ringham says: “I am sure we will see more accidents there.”

He’s horrified drivers are pulling doughnuts in junctions where lives have been lost and says he can’t understand the mentality of drivers who are speeding through an average camera system.

“They don’t realise the vehicle they are driving is a lethal weapon,” he said. “I do think the police need to be having more patrols on the A16.