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Graffiti in Lisbon ANL-150616-135127001
Graffiti in Lisbon ANL-150616-135127001
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The latest news from Guardian Angel...

Angel always feels a little sorry for the workers at Dominos Pizzas in Spalding when they have to don those billboards and stand in certain spots in the town advertising special offers.

But the chap standing outside the old Station Gates pub last week deserves special praise for his fantastic efforts.

When traffic was snarled up at going home time and drivers exiting the Market Place and wanting to turn towards the station could not see for traffic, he kindly took it upon himself to direct the traffic.

Suppose it must be quite a boring job.

* The Guardian editor had a lovely week in Portugal recently... but the holiday didn’t start or end well.

Firstly, at Stansted airport, he was (deservedly, he admits) berated by a customs official for having contact lense solution, aerosol deodorant and toothpaste in his hand luggage.

Then, back at Stansted seven days later he needed the loo before the drive home and inadvertently walked in on a group on their hands and knees in the “prayer room” situated between the ladies and gents.

* While in Lisbon, the editor was saddened to see the amount of graffiti had soared since his last visit 11 months earlier... and it was bad then.

The piece above did amuse him though... although there was no mention of Spalding or Holbeach.

Internet research has since revealed to him that the graffiti probably references an American bluegrass group or, more likely, a CD by an American rapper.