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Book of the Week: The Long Ride Home.
Book of the Week: The Long Ride Home.
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The Long Ride Home by Rupert Isaacson, RRP £7.99.

The Long Ride Home follows Rupert’s journeys with his autistic son Rowan who he fears will never be able to communicate.

On discovering that Rowan responded to horses, they travelled to Mongolia – the spiritual home of the horse – where shaman healing hands banished the tantrums, the incontinence and the hopeless isolation.

However, a year later Rowan started to regress and Rupert remembered the shaman saying he and his son must make three more healing journeys.

Journeying to the bushmen of Namibia, Australia’s coastal rainforests and finally to America’s Navajo reservation, Rupert discovered new ways of connecting with autistic children using nature, movement and animals. Through the process of healing Rowan and using his Horse Boy Method, he learned to unlock children from the most severe autistic symptoms.

The Long Ride Home is a story of incredible love and adventure that would test the courage of Rupert and Rowan and change their lives, and those of the families who joined them, forever.

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