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Helena Rubinstein: The Woman Who Invented Beauty by Michele Fitoussi RRP £8.99

A legend in her own lifetime, this is the amazing story of Helena Rubinstein, who revolutionised the beauty industry.

Her mission was to teach women the importance of skincare and the empowering effect of looking your best (wearing makeup had been taboo, until the early 1920s it was only worn by prostitutes and actresses). Her company was the first to use science in the development of cosmetics and, with her unerring instinct for what customers wanted, she built a beauty empire that spanned the world.

Helena said of her own life that it ‘seems to have contained enough events, great and small, enough stress and strain to fill a half-dozen normal lives’ and this biography will let you follow her through her extraordinary life, which spanned nearly a century and four continents.

Vogue calls this book ‘required reading’ and, if you are struggling for a Mother’s Day present, we think this would be a perfect answer!