Book of the Week: Matron in Charge by Evelyn Prentis

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The final book in the ‘A Nurse in Time’ series, ‘Matron in Charge’ follows Evelyn Prentis as she discovers that being in charge of the Lodge is rarely straightforward.

From door-slamming Miss Cromwell to Miss Siler’s shoplifting and Miss May coming over all queer there is always something for Evelyn to contend with. And, following a short stay in hospital herself, about which she was rather apprehensive, Evelyn wondered what would be in store for her on her return to work.

Finding her ladies unusually united in their grumbling about newest resident Ivy, the woman who’d kept the betting shop on the High Street, Evelyn was ready for all hell to break loose. But instead, with openness and kindness, Ivy won people over and even started bringing them together. Suddenly being in charge of the Lodge was no trouble at all…