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Absolutely Barking.
Absolutely Barking.
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Our book of the Week this week is ‘Absolutely Barking’ by Michele Hanson.

The world of dog ownership in Britain has always attracted a huge number of enthusiasts who are passionate about their pets. Whereas in previous decades dog owners only had dog obedience classes and dog shows to cater for their interests, there is now a huge industry offering a wealth of canine-centred activities, from extreme grooming to luxury dog spas.

Our dog population is now bigger than ever and the dog world is far more complicated than it seems from the outside. It can be a world of extreme competition, slavish devotion and delicate protocol. What do you do when your hound gets inappropriately frisky with a fellow dog-walker’s pet and what sort of cake do you bake for a puppy shower?

Popular columnist Michele Hanson conducts an hilarious and fascinating investigation into the British and their dogs from all walks of life and meets owners across the spectrum of delightful, bizarre, aspirational, ghastly and just plain crazy!

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