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12 Years a Slave.
12 Years a Slave.
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Read the book behind the BAFTA award-winning film 12 Years a Slave.

Solomon Northup is a free man, living in New York. Then he is kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Drugged, beaten, given a new name and transported away from his wife and child to a Louisiana cotton plantation, Solomon will die if he reveals his true identity.

This is the searing story of his 12 years as a slave: the endless brutality, daily humiliations and constant fear, but also the small ways in which he and his fellow men try to survive.

This is a unique, unflinching record of slavery from the inside, and the incredible account of one man whose life was ripped from him – and who fought to get it back.

The last words must go to Solomon Northup himself – “I asserted I was no man’s slave.”

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup retails at RRP £7.99.