Blu-ray review: Only made watchable by presence of De Niro and Travolta

Killing Season ANL-140813-110139001
Killing Season ANL-140813-110139001
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Robert De Niro and John Travolta team up for the first time ever – and show they’ve got some decent chemistry in this straight-to-video action-thriller.

Despite their obvious talents by starring in two of the greatest movies of all-time (Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction), this is generic by-the-numbers fare – comparable to the 2003 Tommy Lee Jones/Benicio Del Toro movie The Hunted – that is only really made watchable by the two talents.

Two veterans of the Bosnian War – American NATO Colonel Benjamin Ford (De Niro) and Serbian soldier Emil Kovac (Travolta) – engage in a deadly psychological hunting game of cat-and-mouse, to the backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains.

With bow and arrow as weapon of choice, the two swap methods of torture on multiple occasions as they battle for admission of guilt for their war crimes – but the movie is never really fleshed-out enough to make any lasting impact.

Rating: 2/5