Blow to campaign to protect Lincolnshire sausages

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SOUTH Lincolnshire butchers have been left disappointed after a motion to give the Lincolnshire sausage Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) was rejected by the government.

The Lincolnshire Sausage Association has been campaigning for the last seven years to obtain the status which would see only sausages made within the county’s borders being able to call themselves “Lincolnshire” sausages. They would also have to be made using an authentic recipe.

Mary Adams, managing director of George Adams butchers, said: “I am very disappointed that the government isn’t backing the campaign,” she said. “I don’t see why the Lincolnshire sausage shouldn’t be protected as they are such a distinct product and are part of the heritage of Lincolnshire.

“People come from all over the country to buy them, people do know the difference.

“They are unique to the independent butchers of Lincolnshire and should be recognised as such.”

The application was submitted to the department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) some two-and-a-half years ago during which time the government department has been considering its decision.

John Hayes, MP for South Holland and The Deepings, was a supporter of the campaign, wanting the status to be granted in order to recognise the skills and importance of the county’s butchers.

“Lincolnshire sausages are renowned throughout the world for their distinctive flavour and for being of the highest quality,” he said. “Lincolnshire sausages should be made in our county alone; reflecting our proud heritage and unique skills in producing the finest sausages in the UK.

“We should take every step to ensure the continued success of our county’s marvellous sausages by guaranteeing their quality and brand through this PGI status.”

Mr Hayes also said he sees the Lincolnshire sausage as a valuable tool in attracting both business and prestige to the county.

He was unavailable to give his verdict on the decision before the Spalding Guardian went to press.