BLADE SHOCK: Kelly Moore with the blade she found inside the Tortilla chips. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG270813-151TW
BLADE SHOCK: Kelly Moore with the blade she found inside the Tortilla chips. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG270813-151TW
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A woman eating crisps almost bit on a razor-sharp box cutter blade that was in the bottom of the packet.

Mum of two Kelly Moore stopped in her tracks when she heard the blade “clink” on one of her front teeth.

“I think it’s very dangerous,” she said.

Kelly (34) bought the Tortilla nacho cheese chips sharing pack from Aldi in Spalding and says she was shocked when she contacted the store’s customer services on Sunday morning to raise the alarm.

She said: “I explained where I had bought the crisps from and what I had found in them and the response from the lady was: ‘Oh right, if you can send the packet back with the item you have found in the packet then we will look into this for you’.

“The lady then gave me the address of where I needed to send them back to and that was it. No apology – she never even took my name or anything.

“Hopefully this is a one-off bag where I have found something and there aren’t any more out there as no barcode info or anything was given so stock could be recalled or a message put into store to customers to be careful regarding the product.”

Kelly’s son Adam (15) had started eating the pack, but returned it to the cupboard and she ate the rest at about 11pm on Saturday.

Kelly is certain the blade she found in the bottom of a snack pack bought from Aldi was already inside the packet.

She said: “I am 100 per cent confident.”

After the blade “clinked” on one her front teeth, she removed it from her mouth and examined it.

Kelly, of Wesley Road, Whaplode, said: “I thought oh my God, I have found a razor blade in these crisps.”

She has emailed Lincolnshire Trading Standards to ask them to investigate because she doesn’t want to lose the evidence by returning it to the supermarket company.

Trading Standards told the Spalding Guardian they will investigate her complaint.

Kelly is also going to talk to South Holland District Council’s food health and safety team who investigate foreign objects found in food.

An Aldi spokesman apologised “for any alarm caused”.

The spokesman said: “One of our customers has brought a matter to our attention regarding a pack of our Snackrite Tortilla crisps.

“Aldi takes customer complaints extremely seriously in order to uphold our high standards of product quality and customer satisfaction. Complaints of this nature are very rare.

“We are in the process of recovering both the product and the item found in it from the customer and are conducting a full investigation.

“We are looking into this along with our supplier to ensure this is an isolated incident and to uphold our usual high quality standards, and apologise for any alarm caused.

“We will liaise with the customer directly to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.”