Birthday girl Alice (104) is toast of Holbeach Hospital

Alice Howe pictured with a special birthday cake and staff. SG011116-278TW
Alice Howe pictured with a special birthday cake and staff. SG011116-278TW
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A lady born two years before the outbreak of the First World War was the toast of Holbeach Hospital on Tuesday as she celebrated her 104th birthday.

Alice Howe first came to South Holland when she was 94, to be nearer her family, and lived in Long Sutton before moving to the nursing home at Holbeach Hospital in September last year.

Alice with her special birthday cake. SG278bTW

Alice with her special birthday cake. SG278bTW

Family, friends and staff joined Alice at the home for a party.

Alice was married to her late husband, Frank, for more than 60 years and they had two daughters, Beryl, who lives in America, and Joy, who lives in Holbeach. They also had a son Raymond, who has sadly died.

Alice’s family dynasty also extends to eight grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

Born in Coventry, Alice lived there for most of her life and remembers well the Blitz that saw much of the city destroyed by German bombs during the Second World War.

Alice worked in engineering for a time and her late husband was in engineering too as a capstan operator.

Daughter Joy says: “Her mind is still very active and she’s always keen on watching the news every day.

“She can tell you all about the politicians. She is able to read and she does some sewing sometimes.”

Joy said the birthday party was a great success.

“She had a lovely day and the staff were very kind to her, making a big fuss of her,” added Joy.

“She had so many flowers and cards.”

According to Alice, the oldest resident at the Holbeach home, the big secret to a long and happy life is to “take everything in moderation”.

Home administration clerk Janet Lineker said: “Alice is an amazing lady and as bright as a button.

“She has lots of memories of living through the Blitz, some happy and some sad.”

Janet said Alice enjoys reading her newspaper and conversation.

“Whenever I see her, she’s always got a beautiful smile,” said Janet. “She is just so sweet.”

Holbeach Hospital also has a lady resident who has reached her 100th birthday.

• Historic events from the year Alice was born include the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic as well as the death of Scott after reaching the South Pole.