Bird on a wire in Deeping St Nicholas

Western Power Distribution.
Western Power Distribution.
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A bird was freed by electrical engineers after its legs were trapped between wires on a telegraph pole in Deeping St Nicholas on Sunday night.

Firefighters were called to Chappell Road just before 8.30pm before a team from Western Power Distribution was sent to free the bird who was then checked over by a resident living nearby.

A Western Power Distribution spokesman said: “We were informed by Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue of a bird that was caught between two telegraph lines.

“It seemed as though the bird was a very young swallow that had managed to trap itself between the two cables.

“We arranged for an enginer to go up and free the bird as the firefighters present didn’t want to go up and do it themselves, quite rightly.

“The bird was quite tired from trying to free itself but otherwise it was fine and a resident said that they would look after it before releasing it.”

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