Biker films aim to save lives

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SOME of the area’s most dangerous stretches of road are to be filmed for a smartphone application aimed at saving motorcyclists’ lives.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) has a team of three advanced riders who will ride 12 red routes and other sections of roads that bikers like to “rip up” with a camera mounted to their handlebars.

The films will then have voiceovers added with commentary on the hazards motorcyclists should be aware of, as well as other relevant information such as cafes and stopping places.

The footage will then be included in the iBiker app, which is available for iPhone and Android smartphones, and includes routes from across the country.

It is expected that the Lincolnshire routes, which include stretches of the A151 from Spalding to Holbeach and the A16 Market Deeping bypass, will be available to view from May.

Users can then rate the routes and share them on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

LRSP spokesman John Siddle said: “Some people will say that this app just shows riders the good roads to rip up but the truth is they will go there anyway because they know they can get their speed up and bend their bike over.

“We just want to show them how to ride these roads safely and hopefully save motorcyclists from serious injury or even death.”

The scheme is part of a new enforcement and education initiative called Operation Octane being run in conjunction with Lincolnshire Police, which aims to cut the number of accidents.

Three motorcyclists have died on Lincolnshire’s roads already in 2011 and four people have been seriously injured, while last year ten bikers or passengers died and 106 were seriously injured.

Nationally motorcyclists represent only one per cent of road users, but represented a quarter of all those killed or seriously injured in Lincolnshire.

Operation Octance, which has the backing of former Superbike World Champion James Toseland, hopes to inform riders that educational and training courses are available in a bid to tackle problems such as speeding, aggressive driving, loss of control, bad observation and failing to judge other motorists speed.

Sgt Chris Dennett, of Lincolnshire Police, said; “We welcome careful and considerate bikers but the small minority who wilfully ride at excessive speed, cause nuisance and represent a danger to other road users as well as themselves will be targeted and where appropriate will be put before the courts.

“Our aim is to make the roads safer for all.”