Biker Colin (76) bids to set up music group

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Biker Colin Blundell (76) is so keen on improvised music that he makes a fortnightly 160-mile round trip to play in a group in Colchester.

But now he’d like to climb out of the saddle of his mighty Piaggio MP3 and play closer to home if he can find like-minded musicians to join him.

Colin wants to set up an improvised music group in Sutton Bridge and is inviting all musicians – no matter what they play – to consider giving it a go.

The 20-strong group in Colchester play all kinds of music, including classical, folk and jazz,

Somebody plays a note, others join and they weave sounds together to make an entirely new piece of music.

“It’s like an active participation sport,” says Colin. “It’s so spontaneous and energising.”

He plays the family of recorders, from bass to sopranino, and composes his own music.

“I have never had any musical training, but I have taught myself how to compose,” he said. “My parents bought me a piano so I learned how to put chords together.”

Colin joined the improvised music group in 2006 and attends on Mondays, once a fortnight, staying overnight in a B&B.