BIG IDEAS: We could create our own Keukenhof

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I moved into the area a year ago. I joined a club and speaking to people in the area, found that we are the forgotten part of Lincolnshire. From Skegness to King’s Lynn there is very little to encourage visitors.

With this chance to give ideas for improving Spalding it is time to think big.

I understand that the Royal Horticultural Society is looking for somewhere to develop another garden. What better place than here, with so many growers of bulbs and plants. Good road access, apart from improvements needed to the A16 (dual carriageway in parts).

Why not develop our own Keukenhof (the flower garden in the Netherlands) in the area? We are known as little Holland and have similar soil. There must be a farmer who wishes to sell his farm. This would bring in work to the area and visitors, if done correctly with special offers at local hotels and restaurants to encourage package deals to travel agents.

People used to enjoy the flower parade which was once a year. Just think what RHS or our own Keukenhof could do.

Make more use of the river in Spalding, have a water carnival with a different theme each year. Along with water-based competitions spread over a few days.

Hold an international festival with food, dancing and music. The schools could be involved in various ways. Art works, linking up with schools in other countries, home-made fancy dress costume competition for children.

The two events above could be run in alternate years.

More use of the market place is welcomed, like the pumpkin parade, which we enjoyed.

Let’s have a monthly charity, craft and club day, when local clubs and charities can promote and fund raise.

Install a display board in town which can be used for children to colour a picture. Place characters into different places to create a scene. They then enter their name etc into a competition to be judged once a month. This would be computer generated and could also be used for a monthly competition for the older generation.

E Penney

Fleet Hargate