BIG IDEAS FOR SPALDING: We need to allow parking in town centre

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I feel the main problem with the town centre lies in the fact that it was turned into a virtual pedestrian only zone some years ago.

Consequently visitors to the town are unable to park in the centre and if they come from away it is not easy for them to find the car parks.

This coupled with the fact that to get into the town centre is not easy from any direction due to one way traffic flows deters visitors.

What is needed is for the centre to be opened up again for restricted parking in the market place on those days that the market is not on.

We have today been driving around the area and went through Market Deeping which was bustling, with no empty shops, and parking was allowed in the town centre.

It was heartlifting to see this and I think that with just a little change that Spalding could be similar. Particularly if some incentive could be given to people to open up the closed shops such as relief from business rates for the first year.

B French