BIG IDEAS FOR SPALDING: Stay away from lime green and orange paint

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I would like to see a general rejuvenation of the centre of Spalding – this could be funded by the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership if there was a wider scope for the completion over the next decade.

But lowering my sites to something that could make Spalding a better place and would not cost the earth would be to have a policy or some general guidelines in place regarding what colour shops should be painted.

A fine example I refer to is a new shop in the Sheep Market – Charmed Interiors.

I think this shop is a breath of fresh air and certainly sets some high standards which should be seen as a bench-mark for this location.

Looking further around the town on a sunny Sunday afternoon I feel all is not lost, as in general most shops give a good impression.

As I walked down Victoria Street I was impressed with all the shop fronts which are mostly hair and beauty businesses, but still enhance this part of town with their sensible external decor.

So as South Holland Council leader Gary Porter states: “He has shed-loads of funding.”

Why not set up a paint budget with one of our our well known local DIY stores and help any new business paint their shop front to enhance the rest of the town centre.

Just please stay away from the lime green and orange as a guideline for starters.

I do appreciate people who are setting up a business in our great little market town are only trying to make a living, but let’s keep our town something to be proud of for all concerned.

Rodney Sadd

Lifelong Spalding resident