BIG IDEAS FOR SPALDING: Look at tourism, shops and recreation

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My ideas for changes to improve Spalding are :


Something needs to be done to make Spalding town more attractive to visitors, especially on Sundays, as Spalding is a dead town on that day, with only Ayscoughfee being open.

If we provide the water taxi seven days per week, in the summer months, there needs to be something to draw these people to the town every day.

Tourists come from many miles to visit Spalding, many making the journey on a Tuesday, so that they can take in a trip on the water taxi, visit the town market and can also visit Ayscoughfee Hall, but are absolutely amazed when they are told by the water taxi pilot that they can’t visit Ayscoughfee Hall, as it is closed on a Monday and Tuesday.

To have Ayscoughfee Hall closed on a market day is absolutely ludicrous. If it has to be closed on two consecutive days, why not make it Wednesday/Thursday or Thursday/Friday.


If something is done to a building that is not in keeping with surrounding buildings, South Holland District Council take steps against the perpetrators, but when foreign shop keepers decide to paint the outside of their shops the most gaudy colours, which are obviously out of character with any other building in the area, the council turns a blind eye.

The same with totally blanking out the shop front window.

One of these shops, not far from the Free Press office, has totally painted over a hydrant plate that is attached to the shop wall, but nothing has been done about it. If we want a town to be proud of and to show it off, we all need to obey the rules


There are not athletic facilities available to the people of Spalding, with nowhere officially where youngsters can have a kick around with a football,

This town does not contain one recreational park. What are youngsters supposed to do? How about an ice rink and paint ball park, the choices are endless.

Terry Day


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