BIG IDEAS FOR SPALDING: I simply want a bin and some weeding

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I would like to request a litter bin for ‘The Snicket’, as it is commonly known – a walkway used by many people, including myself, on a daily basis (between Westminster Drive and Campbells Close).

I got so fed up around four years ago of constantly picking up rubbish, crisp packets, drink cans, sweet wrappers, cigarette cartons etc on a daily basis that I tied a plastic shopping bag to a ‘No Cycling’ signpost at the Campbells Close end, marked for rubbish and dog poo. Since then I have personally taken down, emptied into my own landfill black bag, and replaced the bag on a weekly basis.

It would be so nice if the council could provide a proper bin so that I don’t have to do this job any more. I also pull up the weeds that grow there, on a regular basis throughout the year. Could this be funded too?

Rosie Atkins