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Bid to stop inconsiderate parking in Donington

The driver’s view of the A52 from the junction with Northorpe Road.
The driver’s view of the A52 from the junction with Northorpe Road.

There are calls for an end to inconsiderate parking in Donington with drivers leaving cars in school safety zones, in a prohibited spot outside the fire station and on zebra crossing zig-zags.

Parish councillors highlighted a range of problems at their latest meeting, including cars parked at on the A52 roadside near Northorpe Road.

Coun Phil Lovell said he's used the Northorpe.A52 junction all of his life, and knows where to "look for gaps".

But he's worried about drivers emerging from Northorpe Road into fast-moving traffic on the A52 - and also concerned A52 drivers won't spot the junction.

After viewing photographs of the spot, the local highways manager said: "These concerns have not been raised with us directly, but we will visit the site and assess the situation in terms of visibility issues and whether any action needs to be taken."

County council parking enforcement officers visited Donington 10 times in the 2017/2018 year, and now parish and district councillor Jane King is going to ask them to focus on trouble-spots, including both village schools, the fire station and the High Street zebra crossing.

Coun King says parents park in both of the marked school safety zones, and she's seen that happen with a PCSO on duty.

"Someone just parked in front of him," said Coun King. "They wished him 'good afternoon' and he pointed out they couldn't park there. The reply was 'I'm just collecting my child' and the PCSO told them 'Yes, so is everybody else'."

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