Bicycles are hot property for theft

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POLICE are warning Spalding cyclists to step up security following a near 50 per cent surge in bike thefts.

In the two months to August 44 bikes were stolen from the town’s streets – compared to 30 for the same period last year.

Cyclists are advised to take a photograph of their bike, so it’s easier to trace if stolen, to have it security marked free of charge by police and to fit heavy duty D-locks instead of chains.

South Holland crime prevention officer PC Nic Hanson said thieves may change the appearance of bikes in some way and then use them locally or sell them for local use.

PC Hanson said: “It’s a concerning increase.

“We are not sure whether they are being stolen to order or stolen, used and their identity disguised by respraying.”

He said photographs of bikes make it far easier for police to trace them.

PC Hanson said sometimes victims give police a description such as “it’s a black Raleigh”, but that could describe hundreds of bikes.

“Most people have mobile phones and they can use them to take a picture of their bikes,” he said.

PC Hanson said cycle security chains are easily bolt-cropped but D-locks are harder to cut off.

He said almost all of the bikes are stolen when the riders are away from home and typically when left outside shops.