Better play equipment

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LONG Sutton residents are calling for better play equipment in the town.

Coun Richard Hyde asked parish councillors if they could buy some new equipment when they met last week.

Coun Bobby Ashton pointed out improved facilities for the young was a high priority in the town’s Community Plan, produced last year.

She said: “Many of the things the parish council does are behind the scenes. It would be nice to do something they could see.”

Coun Wayne Dye said: “We would all like to raise the standard of the equipment, but it’s very expensive and we would need to get grants.”

Chairman Coun John Clarey pointed out there was the additional problem of vandalism. He said: “Sometimes when you do these things it creates extra expense when they are not looked after and we have to put in insurance claims.”

However, Coun Ashton said she thought applying for grants for new equipment should be revisited. She said: “If that’s what has to happen, we should do it.”