Better homes for us all in council plan

South Holland District Council, Spalding ENGANL00120140129142237
South Holland District Council, Spalding ENGANL00120140129142237
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A groundbreaking new housing company could see the end of derelict sites and buildings across South Holland – and vast numbers of homes being build on land already owned by the district council.

District councillors met last night to decide on forming its own company, Woad Homes Ltd, to address the shortages of quality and affordable accommodation – and they are not talking about building “egg boxes”.

Coun Christine Lawton, portfolio holder for housing, said: “We need an additional 550 to 600 new homes every year for the next 21 years, split evenly between the private and affordable markets.

“The draft business plan not only puts us in the driving seat to deliver some of that growth, but it also allows us to maintain and raise the standards within the private, rented sector. We won’t be building the egg boxes that you often see as affordable homes.

“Providing a mix of good quality housing will stimulate our local economy and provide valuable income to the council to support other services.

“We will earmark our own land first, but we might also look at buying derelict sites, such as the Bull and Monkie in Spalding.

“There are many sites that could be vastly improved by sympathetic building.”

The council has already earmarked a contribution of £2.621million for the first phase of the draft business plan, based upon the delivery of 89 homes for rental and 13 to be sold, as well as 40 affordable homes, by early 2017.