Beetroot is exotic dish

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Angel’s nephew was very worried recently about what food he would be served during his trip to France with Spalding Grammar School.

He needn’t have worried though because it was all very tasty and there were no frog’s legs or snails.

When asked if he did eat any exotic foods at all, the youngster replied: “I tried beetroot. That was quite nice...”

n Angel and ‘im indoors were only saying recently how strange it was that the muscovy ducks appeared to prefer sitting on the riverbank in Spalding – or wandering into the road – rather than going into the water. Then at the weekend we spotted what looked suspiciously like a dead muscovy floating in the middle of the river.

n On a brighter note, on Tuesday morning those driving into town were treated to the sight of a cat walking among the sleeping birds. Obviously not a killer this one.

n Angel’s friend recently relayed a lovely story about someone she knew who decided to take Spalding’s narrowboat out for a day with a few family and friends. All was going well until a slight gust of wind suddenly blew the pilot’s panama off his head and into the water. Thankfully another party aboard a water taxi had the presence of mind to fish the hat out and were able to pass it over to its (very grateful) rightful owner.

n It’s not that Angel has an obsession with shoes, more that she is on a permanent quest to find the perfect pair. However, it did seem strange the other day when, having spent a few minutes gazing at the selection on offer in Revills’ shop window in Spalding, she turned to walk past the Hole in the Wall pub and saw a hand-written notice outside offering ‘Cider £2.50, shoes £1’. Angel almost stopped in her tracks before realising it actually said ‘shots’.

n After a visit to the West Marsh Road recycling centre on Monday Angel believes the friendly staff deserve a medal – not just for their helpfulness, but for putting up with the dreadful stench from the adjacent sewage treatment plant.

n A little while ago Angel was queuing behind some black leather clad Hells Angels in McDonald’s at Spalding – and wondered why it is they don’t use the apostrophe s in their title. Angel thought of politely asking a bloke, who had “Hells Angels” gold studded across the back of his jacket, why that was.

But then Angel imagined what the answer might be and queued quietly.

n We still have cars buzzing past Angel towers with non-existent silencers or music with bass that hurts your ear-drums. You won’t get the girls, lads. You can trust me on that one ...