Become a beacon of light and help renew the face of Lincolnshire

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By John Petters of Holbeach Roman Catholic Church

Christians have a duty to evangelise. What does that mean? Go spread the Good News of the Kingdom? Yes!

How? Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger. See Christ’s commands in Matthew 25: 31-46. There are consequences if we ignore them.

Within our streets there are hungry, sick and lonely people – some of whom are strangers from distant shores.

Do we go out of our way to find out who they are – or is our Christianity something to put on just for Sunday mornings?

Why not visit a lonely person and befriend them? Go from your church. Go in twos, like the disciples. Pray as you go for the person you are visiting. St Paul says we are all part of the Christ’s Body. Christ has no hands or feet on this earth other than ours.

Are we willing to let the Body of Christ wither through our inaction?

Every Christian should radiate God’s light. Do we shine on all around us – or is our light kept hidden?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will give you the courage this Pentecost to become a real beacon of light in your neighbourhood. Come Holy Spirit and help us renew the face of Lincolnshire.