Beast beat me just to steal TV

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A Spalding grandma clung on to the cable of her TV as a masked burglar fled with it through the bedroom window of her ground floor flat, after a terrifying ordeal in which she was kicked and beaten on the floor.

The woman, who is too afraid to give her name, said she had only nipped out for ten minutes around midnight on Saturday before the nightmare began.

Sitting in her riverbank home on Tuesday, with bruised arms and a swollen ankle, she said: “Maybe I should have let him go. But I work hard for the things I have. There was no way I was letting him have my TV without a fight.”

Unfortunately, the burglar did get away with the TV – and it is believed he was spotted casually walking along the riverbank with it, having rolled his balaclava back to look like a beanie.

Now, the woman said she feels like a prisoner in her home, keeping windows shut and escaping the heat only by leaving her door open behind the security gate.

The woman, who works shifts, was attacked after popping out to buy a chicken supper at the nearby USA Chicken.

She said: “I was only gone for about 10 minutes. When I got back I unlocked my door and he was standing behind it, his face covered with a balaclava.

“I screamed ‘get out’, thinking he would just run for it. That was his chance to escape.

“It’s not clear to me what happened next - I fell back over my chair at one point and think I passed out for a bit.

“I must have pushed him, but he thought ‘here is a woman on her own’. When I came round I remember him shouting ‘I will kill you’, but mostly he was screaming at me in a foreign language.

“I was curled up on the floor and he was kicking and punching me.

“The next thing I remember is him being in the bedroom and I was hanging on to the telly.

“In a way I wished it had smashed so he didn’t get it.

“My grandson said he would only have got about £30 for it. Nothing I have is worth anything – but it’s mine and I work hard for it.”

As well as the TV, the burglar escaped with the woman’s mobile phone and some inexpensive jewellery, which had sentimental value. He also ransacked the kitchen cupboards, taking snack items such as noodles.

In spite of being hurt and in shock, the woman said as soon as the burglar had gone she looked for her phone to call for help and it was then she saw it was gone.

She said: “When I realised that I knocked on a neighbour’s door, but she was away.

“Then I popped over to the police station, but it was in darkness. The only lights were at Smart Cabs, so I went there and they kindly called the police for me.”

Since the incident, police have advised the woman not to leave her windows open. Ins Jim Tyner said: “We regularly give out warnings about leaving insecure doors and windows in warm weather. This incident shows why it’s so important that, even in warm weather, people take security precautions.”

The woman said: “Normally I shut them, but it was a very hot night. It gets stifling in her and the windows are the only ventilation, apart from the door.

“The first thing I do when I get home is throw them open. I don’t know – surely I should feel safe in my own home with the windows open?”