Be more careful with your hooks

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A few years ago while walking our Labrador along the Coronation Channel bank she picked up a fish hook with a length of line in her eyelid,” says Spalding reader Phil Knight.

“We had to take her to the vets immediately to have it removed. She was very lucky that time although somewhat distressed.

Today, while walking along the path next to the river Welland opposite the entrance to the Coronation Channel I saw hanging from a tree a length of fishing line. I pulled it gently and it came down, about 10 feet long. I pulled the other end and up came the fishing hook as shown in the attached photo.

My concern is that , as with my dog, anybody from adults, children or pets could have walked into the line and pulled the hook out of the grass with possible dire consequences.

I’m sure that most people who fish are aware of the dangers of the hooks but there do seem to be a few who are irresponsible and must be more careful.”